Saturday, January 16, 2016

Candy Shop Wars Bag Topper Printable

This week I finished the second book in the Candy Shop Wars series, Arcade Catastrophe (The Candy Shop War) .  This book was different from the first book The Candy Shop War in that it takes place in an arcade instead of a candy shop.  The magic is different and that made the book different and interesting, but there were enough traces of the candy magic to keep the sweet fun.

My family owns a candy shop, so it was fun to read the series with the magical uses of candy.  It would be so fun to be able to have candy that could give you peak performance or make you float around like Moon Rock candy.

But since it's not going to happen anytime soon, I decided to create my own bag topper printable.  These toppers are designed to fit a Mini 3x4 Sealing Bags . I made a bag topper for each of the fun magical candies in the The Candy Shop War.  You'll find Moon Rocks, Melting Pot Mixers, Pixie Dust, Sweet Tooth, Peak Performance Gum, and even White Fudge.

It would be fun to make these toppers up and fill the bags with different types of candy.  You could use pop rocks for the Moon Rocks, Vanilla Fudge for the White Fudge, Pixie Sticks for the Pixie Dust and so on.  Get creative and have fun with the candy.
Get the PDF File Here or Right Click and Save the JPG topper above.

Plus, if you haven't read the series and don't know about the magical properties of candy, check out the books on Amazon.