Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hunger Games Quilted Bag

Make a beautiful bag to carry your books and treasured objects in like this Hunger Games quilted bag.  It's perfect for carrying your books to the library or out why you wait at the doctor's office.
When you take your beloved books out in public or are making a special trip to the library, you need to make sure that your books are carried with the care and style they deserve.  That's why I love this beautiful Hunger Games quilted bag by Quirkie Craft.

While I can't quilt myself, and the details of how these are made aren't very clear to a non-quilter, the pictures of the squares on the front and the back of this Hunger Games bag are clear and beautiful.  If you have that talent, you should be able to make a copy of Quirkie Craft's bag without too much trouble.

If you do, will you make one for me too?

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