Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vs. Reality Book Quote Printable

"You can bully people, you can threaten them, but you can't break someone unless they're willing to be broken." Book quote from Vs. Reality (The Vs. Reality Series Book 1) by Blake Northcott.

Vs. Reality (The Vs. Reality Series Book 1) is the story of failed mixed-martial artist Donovan Cole wakes from a brutal mugging to discover his cuts healed, bones mended - and his assailants still in the alley.

He'd been unconscious for only seconds.

Infused with near-supernatural size and strength he retaliates against his attackers, though his transformation is only temporary. Now searching for answers, Cole finds others like him - a small group able to bend reality for short periods of time. They have a solution to the unreliable nature of their powers: an experimental drug that enables the user to transform at will. And like most drugs, it comes with a terrible cost.

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