Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 2016 Fandom of the Month Club Subscription Box Review

Is it just me, or is the end of the month one of the hardest times ever?  I don't know if it's waiting for the next paycheck or if it's just being ready to start over again, but the last few days are so hard to get through.

But with the arrival of the shipping email from the Fandom of the Month club subscription, the end of the month is now something my boys and I look forward to.  We are always so excited to get that little box and see what wonderful bookish surprises await for us.

This month we were excited to see the theme of the February box was Alice in Wonderland.  With the new movie getting ready to come out, I think the timing on this box was great and the magnet, bookmark, and awesome jewelry will be enjoyed.

The magnet is a picture of the Mad Hatter's hat and has already found a home with my other magnets.  I'm so excited to be turning my refrigerator front into a little bookshelf of fandom.  The subscription box also came with a drawstring bag that reads "How Long is Forever  Sometimes Just one Second." from Alice in Wonderland.  I love that quote as you may remember from the free printable that I made and shared.

Usually the box comes with 3-4 jewelry items that match the fandom theme and I am so excited about the necklace.  It's a long old gold chain with charms on the end of it.  The charms have a red rose, a gold heart, a "Drink Me' bottle, a key, a mini clock, and a teapot.  Each of the charms hangs at different lengths along the bottom of the chain and is a really fun accessory to wear when out and about.

The White Rabbit bracelet is also beautiful.  It fits perfectly on my arm and doesn't jiggle loosely like some cuff bracelets do.  My only wish with this bracelet is that it was a matching gold to the necklace.  I'm not a fan of wearing silver and gold.  Maybe it's just me but it just doesn't go together.  It would have been nice if the designers had co-ordinated that better.

The ring is also a silver, so I guess the necklace should have been an old silver instead of gold to match.  I don't think I'll probably ever wear the ring since it's a big, chunky teapot ring, but it is super fun and goes along well with the Alice in Wonderland set.

I'd love to know how others are displaying the jewelry that they don't wear from these sets.  I'm not sure I'll ever wear any of the rings but would love to display them on my bookshelf.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do that?  I'd love if you'd share with me.

The earrings are a little plain and also in a silver background.  The white has the saying "We're all Mad Here" on them.   They are small enough to wear as a fun accent piece to an outfit but if you're not into costume jewelry, not sure if they would be wearable much either.  But maybe it's just me and the fact that I don't wear much jewelry.

Yes, even though I'm not a huge jewelry fan, I love this subscription box.  I think it's that the different fandoms are so unique and fun to share that they are great items to have for a book lover like me.  I would like to find ways to display some of the items that I don't wear that much on my bookshelf as part of my collection.  But I haven't done it yet so we'll see.

I am excited about the necklace, bracelet and bag especially from the Alice in Wonderland themed Fandom of the Month Subscription box.  I wish the box would tell me who had created all these different items so I could visit their shops for more fandom wear, but it doesn't.  Maybe that's something that needs to be considered as the box evolves.  I am sure the creators would love more recognition.

Each month has a different theme and there's no way to know what that is until the box shows up and you open to find the magnet and bookmark on top.  I do recommend this box to anyone who loves fandoms, books, and suprises though.  I have not been disappointed with any of the subscription boxes I received, even the Supernatural one (which I am not a fan of.)

If you want to check out the box to enjoy, visit The Fandom of the Month Club subscription page or follow them on Instagram and on Facebook