Saturday, April 30, 2016

What are YOU Reading? Linky Party

Are you ever out in public and see someone reading a book that you loved and think "We could TOTALLY be friends?"

I admit, I've had that happen a lot.  There's something about joining a fandom that draws people together.  Even if you hated a book, that too can be common ground to build a friendship on.

This weekend, I wanted to build some friendships by seeing what you've been reading lately.  I am always on the look out for new books to read and fandoms to join.

So in this new linky party idea, I am planning to share a different theme each week so we can make new friends and enjoy some book love.  This week's theme is "What are you reading?" 


Please feel free to link up a blog post reviewing a book, an Instagram picture that shows what you are reading now, an affiliate link with a link to where you bought your last book.  I'm open to it all!  I just ask that you only share 3 links a week and share the love by visiting some of the other links in the linky party.

Now, go ahead and share with me.  WHAT ARE YOU READING?