Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's a GAME CHANGER if you LOVE Audiobooks!

It's a GAME CHANGER! If you love audiobooks, you need to check this out and stock your library full of great reads that you can listen to while life gets too busy to sit down and enjoy.

Do you love audiobooks?

I do.  I love that I can listen to them while I work or clean house or take the kids to and from school and practices.  I don't have to stop my life just to be able to enjoy a book.  It makes "reading" so much more enjoyable and easy.
And as a mom, I certainly need every little bit of easy I can get!

Well today, I learned of a game changer to my audiobook purchasing abilities and I just had to share it.  Since I have a Kindle reading device (let's not get into the book vs Kindle fight.  I do love mine AND I love a good "real" book), I purchase a lot of books on Amazon. 

You would be surprised how many books are available for free or really, really cheap.  Most of the books that I share here are really cheap books when I first add them to my Wish List.  They don't always stay that way, so when you find a free or cheap book, with Amazon, you have to jump on it FAST.

Anyway, if you are like me and have a Kindle full of books that I'll probably never get time to actually read, this new service Amazon offers is a GAME CHANGER!

You can click on the link here:

Then you will be taken to a page on Amazon that looks at all the books that you have purchased from them.  Amazon will then show you which of those books have audio versions and are on SALE!

Isn't that awesome?

Now you can listen to your book while you are out and about, and then when you get home and have some "me" time, you can switch back to your Kindle and it will sync to where you stopped listening.  Then tomorrow when you are back to running around, you can sync again right back to let you keep listening. 

I can't get over how awesome that is, and how cheap that is.  Since it only shows you the audiobooks that are on sale, you can check back often until your favorite books are on sale and then get them.

This is going to be a game changer on how many books I can read and enjoy this year.  Plus, my kids might actually get fed while I'm in the midst of a great book.

Check it out here for what's on sale from your library: