Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Harry Potter Room of Requirement Shopping Guide

I'm working on decorating ideas for my new house.  One of the rooms is going to be focused on Harry Potter.  I'll be honest, it'll probably be the Laundry room since that is perfect for the potions and stuff for a Hogwarts Castle Potion room.

While window shopping on my favorite websites, I gathered up everything you will need to make your haven a Room of Requirement.

Engraved Lost Socks Laundry Sign

Dobby Book End

Lego Hogwarts Castle

Battle with Dragon Puzzle

Harry Potter Quote Printables

Ministry of Magic Sticker

Harry Potter Pillow

Old Library Books Curtain

Harry Potter Vinyl Clock

Deathly Hollows Table Lamp

Watercolor House Crests

House Elves Wall Hanging