Saturday, December 3, 2016

What Are You Reading?

It's the first Saturday of December!

Are you out and having fun this weekend or enjoy a little bit of quiet time before the holiday craziness hits?

I'm doing a little of both this weekend.  Today is going to be jam packed with Christmas activities with the kids, but tomorrow we are going to just relax and rejuvenate before the week starts again.

That means, lots of time to read on Sunday.  That is truly my recharge day...I love it.

What about you?  Do you have a time set aside to just read and recharge?  What have you been reading when you do get a moment or two to yourself?

On the first Saturday of every month, I try to have a fun linky where we can share what we are reading or what we read last month.  It's always fun to read a recommended book from someone that we know and like, am I right?  It's almost like a bond of friendship through the computer.

So share all your favorite books, what you've read this past month, or what you're reading now.  Go ahead and share your book review or your amazon book link, whatever you have got for us.